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A thing of beauty is a joy forever,”

or can 'art' just be 'beautiful'?

When I have to place myself in the contemporary art scene, I think I'm more of a RENOVATOR than an INNOVATOR. The classical values, both in terms of aesthetics and metier, are close to my heart and are certainly worth reclaiming their place in the contemporary art scene. Very consciously, therefore, at least as far as my personal work is concerned, I distance myself from current trends and consistently stay true to my original ideas.


Let me not misunderstand: I fully appreciate contemporary art and am certainly interested in new trends and young talent, but I am more interested in finding my forms in the classical way by toiling in the clay or sweating while casting bronze.


Although I once made conceptual work (and won competitions with it), realizing it did not give me the same satisfaction as creating a figurative image.
Because I had a permanent job in education, there was no reason to go on the more commercial tour. Over the years I have regularly exhibited my works.


The participation in several competitions resulted in about twenty monuments, mainly in Northern

Limburg. Various assignments, both private and official, provided an extra challenge that I could almost always perform in a figurative way.


I dare to say without shame that for me art can still be "beautiful", something that many contemporary

critic frowns. The meaning behind my work is not always far-fetched: the pleasure of making radiates in the image itself and one should not look for anything else behind it. In an assignment in which certain elements have to be processed or symbolized, I try to show them in a relatively understandable way without making the whole thing too anecdotal.


I get enough satisfaction when the viewer looks at my images and goes out with a better feeling. Enjoying what is shown, as I can enjoy the power of Michelangelo, the virtuosity of Bernini or the mastery of Rodin.

Eric Vanmechelen   -  Sculptor    

°Turnhout, Belgium, 1956

1974  – 1978
  – 1992

1992  – 2017

2010  – 2011

1980  – 1987

2010 – 2018

2013 – 2018

 Provincial Higher Institute for Art Education option ''sculpting'' in Hasselt
  Sculpture teacher at the 'North - Limburg Academy for 'Visual Arts' in Pelt
  Director at the KANL 'Art Academy North Limburg' in Pelt
  PXL MAD School of Arts option ''liberal arts'' in Hasselt
  Member of the Royal Art Circle Heikracht
  Board member LRC Limburg Council for Cultural Policy in Hasselt
  Board member Culture Council Neerpelt
  Since 1987     Board member Royal Art Circle Heikracht

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