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Prizes achieved

-  Laureate sculpture competition “Wedding anniversary” municipality of Overpelt  2016

-  Laureate sculpture for the ''Ambassador of the Social Economy'' in Brussels, 2004

- 1st  Prize monument "Three congregations" in Sterksel, the Netherlands 2002

- 1st Prize monument “Pater Pellens” in Neerpelt 2001

- 1st Prize millenium artwork in Overpelt. 2000

- 1st Prize monument rest home St. Jozef in Neerpelt. 1997

- 1 st Prize relief for OCMW in St. Truiden 1997

- 1st Prize monument for the rest home 't Meiland in St. Truiden. 1997

- 1st Prize “sand carpets” in Lommel in 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991.

- 3rd Prize competition for the statue “Het poermanneke” in Neerpelt 1989.

- 1st Prize competition for the statue “Mgr. Keesen” 1986, in Tessenderloo.

- Prize Deva, Integration 1984, Kokszijde.

- International drawing and painting competition organized by the      

  International Youth Fund, New Delhi, India 1970.

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